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Atomic Secured Linux works on various platforms, such as CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux, and Cloud Linux. It also supports many control panels, including cPanel, Virtualmin, DirectAdmin, Webmin, and Parallel Plesk.

This information may sound boring but is offered for beginners. Security is a standard that has developed to protect the web server from intrusions, hacking attempts, and other malicious uses. A brief introduction to the types of web servers: There are those based on Microsoft Windows and those based on Linux, which are respectively named Microsoft IIS Server and Apache (these are the most common, although there are others like Nginx, Cherokee, and Zeus, etc). Throughout my article, I will introduce the techniques of hardening a web server, which is a chief role in web server security. The attack vectors on a web server depend on both the web application security that is hosted on the web server and the web server security, which includes operating system hardening, application server hardening, etc).

Starting with the web server security, the first point of analysis for exploiting the server would be the services. I would suggest all the server security administrators should run a service to check on all the ports that are open, filtered, and closed. One of the best tools would be Nmap for scanning the network.

Atomic Secured Linux is an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box unified security suite add-on for Linux systems, designed to protect servers against zero-day threats. Unlike other security solutions, ASL is designed for beginners and experts alike. You just install ASL on your existing system and it does all the work for you. This add-on was developed to create a unique security solution for beginners and experts

ASL works by combining security at all layers, from the firewall to the applications and services and all the way down to the kernel, to provide the most complete multi-spectrum protection solution available for Linux servers today. It helps to ensure that your system is secure and also compliant with commercial and government security standards.


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